Back to my roots…


#nofilter #backtomyroots

#nofilter #backtomyroots


Oh god, it’s happened – I have Mummy hair!

After months and months (pre-baby) of getting more and more highlights put in to my hair I have finally lost the battle and gone back to my roots! I’d been thinking about it for a while mainly because my hair was getting into such bad condition, not helped by the fact that Ruaridh has decidedĀ he likes to grab it and chew it, (a natural but lesser known remedy for teething!).

So yesterday, I bit the bullet, handed Ruaridh over to his Daddy and treated myself to a couple of hours with the local hairdresser. Two hours and a lot of hair dye later I emerged from the salon (just like that bit in ‘Stars in their Eyes’) and headed home a bit afraid of showing my boyfriend. It was okay though, he declared he thought I’d looked cheap before and looked much classier now. Thanks! Men always know just what to say, don’t they?!

But it wasn’t just me who got a new look yesterday! Love & Lullabies also had a lovely makeover courtesy of the amazing Ellie Illustrates. I can’t believe what an amazing job she has done. I wanted a blog that ‘looked’ like me, that said something about my life and the subjects I would be writing about and she got it absoloutly spot on with the very few and vague pointers I gave her.

Yesterday, signifies the start of the summer for me and the start of my life in Scotland! Val d’Isere was great but I’m looking forward to a summer of mummy and baby fun, kicking off for me with some wakeboarding (which I couldn’t do when I was pregnant) and baby swimming for Ruaridh – so here is to a summer of adventure!





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  1. You look gorgeous Emma! Love the new blog design. I’ll be giving mine an overhaul soon and I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll do the same and treat myself to a new hairstyle too!!

    Katie <3

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