Home Sweet Home

This is my 3rd season living in Val d’Isere and the first time I’ve realised that unless you are drinking or skiing there isn’t a whole lot you can do – especially with a 3 month old baby in tow.

There are only so many walks you can go on without being completely bored and only so much money to allow you lunches out. So it was with great excitement that I booked my flights home and that I am now counting the days until my final (but 6th) flight this season.

Living in Val d’Isere can be absoloutly amazing and no doubt will be with my little boy – when he’s slightly older and can appreciate it. But for now I have to be honest – I am fed up of living in a tiny apartment, of sleeping on a mattress on the floor that takes up the whole room and having nothing to do with a little baby.


What makes my departure all the more exciting if the project that awaits me back in Scotland – our new family home! Last year we decided to put in planning to convert some Stables and whilst we have been out in France the builders have been beavering away. It won’t be quite ready when I get back but I’m so excited about picking out paints, carpets and generally making it homely. It will be so nice to have all that space and finally get set up somewhere and sort out Ruaridh’s nursery! I hope he likes it too! I think the living room is bigger than our whole place out in France.



I can’t wait to get home! Come on Saturday!!



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